TipCruncher is a Tip calculator. There are four settings, a Tip Level setting, Round Total, and a Round Tip setting plus an option to Split the Bill. In this section we’ll go over those settings and the various features of this app.


The display shows the number you enter on the keypad. The TipCruncher display can be found above the Tip Level slider. The amount shown in the display should be the SubTotal amount before you add the Tip amount. TipCruncher will take that data and crunch out a Tip amount based on your Tip Level settings. If you should need to erase the amount in the display, you can click the delete button in the far right hand corner of the TipCruncher display.

Tip Level

The Tip Level setting is the first setting you see on TipCruncher. You can set the slider for Tip Level from 1% to 50%. TipCruncher automatically remembers your previous setting for Tip Level, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting this setting every time you use TipCruncher.

Number keypad

Use the number keypad to enter the SubTotal amount you want to apply to your Total. Enter your amount the same way you would enter it into a calculator. You first enter whole numbers, and then press the decimal button to enter the decimal numbers.

Once you have completely entered the SubTotal amount and set the Tip Level, press the enter key. The enter key is located in the lower right hand corner of the numbers keypad. It is the only button on the keypad that has an arrow on it. You can only continue by pressing the enter key if you have entered a SubTotal amount.

Split the Bill

TipCruncher can evenly split the Total amount up to 10 ways. By default this setting is turned off. To split the bill simply slide the slider to the right until the desired level. Once this setting is activated, an additional line is added to the calculation. This added line will tell you how many times the amount is set to split. You will now see a split amount below the Total amount.

Round Tip amount

If you want to round the Tip amount to an even value, turn this setting on. It will then automatically re-calculate the Total amount based off of a new Tip amount. If the Round Total amount setting is activated, the Round Tip amount setting will also turn it off in order to re-calculate a new Total amount.

Round Total amount

If you want to round the Total amount to an even value, turn this setting on. It will then automatically re-calculate the Tip amount based off of a new Total amount. If Round Tip amount is activated, the Round Total amount setting will also turn Round Tip amount off in order to re-calculate a new Tip amount.

If Split the Bill setting is activated, this will automatically round both the Total value and the split value to an even amount.

However, you should note; adjusting both the Total amount and the split amount to even numbers changes the Tip Percent value. This will be reflected above on the Percent Tip line below the SubTotal line.

If you want to re-calculate your SubTotal with a new Tip Level without having to re-enter the SubTotal into the keypad again, press the Percent Tip line and it will take you back to the keypad with the SubTotal amount.

Home Button

If TipCruncher is not displaying the keypad and numbers display screen, you can open that up by clicking the Home Button. The Home Button is located in the lower right hand corner of the screen below the word, ‘Tip Cruncher’. Pressing that button will take you to the screen where you can enter a new SubTotal amount.

Donate to the team

Our team works hard to deliver the best app experience possible. If you find TipCruncher useful, let us know. Click the hidden button with the words ‘Tip Cruncher’ on it. This button can be found right above the Home Button. This hidden button marked 'Tip Cruncher' takes you to a screen where you can send a donation to our team.

You may have seen the donation screen before while using TipCruncher. That's because it is set to randomly appear as long as you have not donated to our team yet. Once you have donated at least once, you will not randomly see the donation screen again. If you want to donate to our team more than once, click the hidden button marked; ‘Tip Cruncher’. You are free to donate as many times as you like.